Website and Web Application Testing

TestOnNeed is an on-need QA test solution that enables you to discover defects that affect your Website user and customer experience before deploying in production. TestOnNeed helps improve your development and testing team’s productivity refocusing testing into today’s reality of continuous development, integration, and delivery through automation and DevOps/TestOps. Also, we better the speed, scale, coverage, and quality of your website and web application testing not only via browsers but also via ‘API’ in any devices. Remember, cost-effectively characterizing the performance, as an example: the number of concurrent users versus CPU versus memory and more is achievable only by testing via ‘API.’ And, we do it all using an open source website application testing ecosystem built on an open source architecture and test tools.
Developers, Testers, and Managers – You may learn how we do it at YouTube Playlist
Testing, Automation, and DevOps is the undebated requirement for delivering high performing products fast to beat slow. You need a confident partner that can take care of these undebated requirements while you can focus on the growth aspects. TestOnNeed is here to deliver the testing, automation and DevOps magic to you and take you closer and exceed your goals.
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