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    Dec 24 th, 2018
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    MECEveryAPI – Mobile Edge Computing Server API Conformance Test Suite


    $20,000.00 $18,000.00

    Part Number TON-SAPI-MEC
    Description Automated server conformance test cases for Mobile Edge Computing API as defined in ETSI MEC specification
    Test Cases 816
    Subscription Price / Year 18,000 USD
    Lead Time within 2 working days

    The next generation technology such as MEC requires protocols to communicate between Antenna (e.g.) eNodeB, MEC platform, and MEC applications. The connectivity between these entities is called ‘Reference Points.” ETSI defines the API, data model, and data format in the specification for these reference points. The companies who bring MEC compliant products and applications to the market must comply with this specification to work in a multi-vendor deployment.

    The TON-SAPI-MEC, Mobile Edge Computing API Server Conformance Test Suite, enables emulating 4G eNB / 5G gNB to test MEC Platform and Application for the RESTFul API compliance as defined in ETSI GS MEC 016 V1.1.1 (2017-09) specification.To learn more details read at MEC Testing with TestOnNeed conformance test specification

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    TestOnNeed offers all our test solution using and extending the open source with the goal to help companies to reduce their CAPEX expenditure by not having to pay for any commercial tools. The purchase of MEC test solution will come with the following deliverables:

    • Installation package for MECEveryAPI Test Suite or MECEveryAPI Test Engine
    • YouTube videos that explain installation, configuration and usage of product
    • TestLink is an open source test management tool where we record all of our MEC test cases
    • Postman/Newman is an open source API test environment extended to support ‘MECEveryAPI Test Suite’ and ‘MECEveryAPI Test Engine.’
    • Licensing purchaser comply to is based on end-user license agreement (EULA)