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    Dec 26 th, 2018
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    EveryBlockchain – Hyperledger Blockchain TaaS ready-to-go solution to test business network and application


    $4,500.00 $4,000.00

    Part Number TON-BTaaS-RTG-BN
    Description Blockchain Testing as a service ready-to-go solution to test Hyperledger business network and application.
    Test Cases 20
    Subscription Price / Year 2,500 USD
    Lead Time within 2 working days

    Testing as a Service is an outsourcing model in which all activities related to manual testing (BTaaS – Manual), test automation (BTaaS – Automation), and Administration (BTaaS – DevOps) is performed by a third-party testing service provider with a team of Testopers. They must have specialized, and expertized skill set in blockchain and its assisting technologies and products. BTaaS is also sometimes referred to as on-need and on-demand testing, automation, and DevOps. BTaaS may be your best opportunity to reduce CapEx, OpEx and improve return on investment (ROI) to shorten test cycle and improve efficiency. As a result, go-to-market fast to beat the slow.

    In this engagement model, TestOnNeed offers ready-to-go test plan with automated business network and application test cases for a year subscription. In addition, we dedicate a Testoper to work with our customer in-house testing team for a month testing these ready-to-go test cases to deliver test results and recommendations. Please note business network and application are specific to customers. So, a tight collaboration and cooperation is required for this service. Also, depending on the user application to be tested on web, mobile, desktop and API, the respective test solution has to be prior purchased TON-EveryWeb , TON-EveryMobile-iOS, TON-EveryMobile-Android, TON-EveryDesktop, and TON-EveryAPI as pre-requisite respectively.

    The scope of this BTaaS business network and application testing solution covers as applicable align to our customer deployment criteria, and the following will be tested:
    – Assets, participants, transaction logic, and its identities
    – Application chain code lifecycle and error handling
    – Query interaction with the ledger, world state, LevelDB, CouchDB and private data
    – Access Control List, historian, event and publish models
    – Web, mobile, and desktop application testing and interaction with chain code

    To learn more details about our BTaaS offering, read at HYPERLEDGER Blockchain Testing as a Service Specification

    Being fast is all about transformation and success is all about welcoming it. In addition to our standard test products, we also offer testing, automation , and DevOps turnkey solution.

    Visit us, register and start your project at TestOnNeed

    TestOnNeed offers all our test solution using and extending the open source with the goal to help companies to reduce their CAPEX expenditure by not having to pay for any commercial tools. The purchase of TON-BTaaS-RTG-BN will come with the following deliverables:

    • One offsite (offshore) dedicated Testoper per month
    • TestLink is an open source test management tool where we record all our blockchain test plan and test cases
    • Automated Installation test case package re-using and extending the opensource test cases from Hyperledger Fabric, Composer and Caliper test framework
    • Licensing purchaser comply to is based on end-user license agreement (EULA)