In the Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC), the development team created a web or mobile or product API application which worked while being tested in their local computer and test environment. But, as soon as the system testing, or even customer acceptance testing team got a hand of it, the application wouldn’t work in the public and/or private cloud production environment. When such failure happens, the blaming starts –system testing team says faulty release, development says everything works fine in their environment. As a result, delayed releases and customer dissatisfaction.
TestOnNeed has been helping startups, small and medium enterprises to resolve this problem by introducing DevOps (we call it “TestOps”) practice that improves communication between traditionally separate development and testing teams. We help them to reuse testing procedures and resources throughout PDLC via automation to improve the overall efficiency of the team to deliver the high-quality product on time. Moreover, TestOps is not only applicable for development and testing team, but also for different cross-functional teams who are involved in PDLC such as entrepreneurs, product management, project management, IT, customers, production and deployment teams marketing and more.
TestOnNeed improves collaboration and cohesion between different cross-functional teams including source code management, to build management, quality and test management, infrastructure management, configuration management and deployment management. We automate them all using continuous development and continuous integration (CDCI) pipeline that improves on-time product delivery efficiency. We provide expert advice on multiple TestOps tools such as Git, Gerrit, Maven, Robot Framework, JUnit, AWS, Ansible, and Jenkins.
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