Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for handheld mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability, and consistency. Customers have high expectations for Mobile Applications. They are more likely to abandon usage of your mobile application if it has functional and performance problems, no matter how “nice” it may look. The main reasons for customer churn are invariably due to issues such as hard to use, crashes, network performance, and battery drain.
The success of your Mobile application relies on your ability to ship fast and reliable software regularly. Usage is the most critical metric for the global app economy, and time spent on mobile apps is growing fast. Don’t let your users abandon you. The frequent mobile application updates mean happy users. Delivering an excellent user experience in every update requires agile development, automation, and DevOps supported by continuous testing.
You need to offer ready-to-go, right-the-first-time mobile solutions for your customers. You are faced with competing for mobile technologies that are changing rapidly, creating a vast variability in testing and resource requirements. At TestOnNeed, we know that for every application, there is a team working hard behind the scenes to keep customers happy. We provide test solutions using open source test architecture to enable such development, testing, and operations team for delivering the highest quality and best performing iOS and Android application software. We power shipping new and upgrade software at impossible velocities. We are experts in a wide range of skills required for continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery of iOS and Android mobile app testing tool.
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