TestOnNeed Company & Solution Overview

Shaad Khan Founder and President explain about the Company, its MTP, and solutions of TestOnNeed.

International Women’s Day Interview with TestOnNeed

The Interview with Shaad Khan, the Founder and President of TestOnNeed, at International Women’s day 2019 by STARTUPPEEL.

International Women’s Day TestOnNeed Promotion

HYPERLEDGER Private Blockchain with TestOnNeed

Explains as a trusted partner how TestOnNeed can help throughout the product lifecycle to develop and deliver the best in class HYPERLEDGER blockchain products and solutions.

Public Blockchain Security Audit with TestOnNeed

Details how TestOnNeed can help to mitigate and prevent security threats in public blockchain products such as NEO, Ethereum, and EOS.

DevOps and TestOps with TestOnNeed

Improve efficiency with TestOnNeed DevOps and TestOps to save weeks and days by implementing ready-to-go continuous deployment and continuous integration (CDCI) framework in your project.

HYPERLEDGER Blockchain Testing as a Service with TestOnNeed

Explains the Blockchain Test as a Service (BTaaS) ready-to-go automation test solution with 350+ test cases and BTaaS Turnkey Solution.

Multi-access EDGE Computing Automation with TestOnNeed

Depicts how TestOnNeed improves the quality of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) ETSI compliant products such as eNB, gNB, MEC Platform, and MEC application with its 1600+ test case automation solution.

An Open Source Testing Ecosystem (OSTE) from TestOnNeed

Details TestOnNeed Open Source Architecture building blocks that enable an Open Source Testing Ecosystem for testing, automation, and DevOps

TestOnNeed Customer Solutions

Depicts how Testopers at TestOnNeed exist to better the speed, scale, coverage, and quality of your products built for any technology deployed on any infrastructure and any device.