Augmented Reality Application Testing

Augmented Reality App Testing(AR) is a term we all have heard before, but what is it exactly and how is it different from other technologies? Augmented Reality also is known as Mixed Reality is in its self completely different from Virtual Reality (VR) because it is not trying to cut out the real world or transport you to another one but to be an enhancement to your real world with a bunch of cool digital objects in it. When a person’s real environment is supplemented with computer-generated images, usually motion tracked then that is AR. If you have played Pokemon go or you have used Snapchat face filters then you have already used primitive forms of augmented reality. In nutshell, AR acts as a digital addition to the user’s world. For example, objects that appear on a table can be displayed in floating windows and graphics can be generated with all seamless motion tracked to the user’s field of view.
Testing hardware, software, and applications in this space is a challenge that requires innovate thinking, creative solutions and a strong combination of technical skills and visual acuity. Innovative approaches to testing are a critical need for firms that are attempting to deliver business and consumer products, service and content in this space. TestOnNeed has greater experience in testing in this space. Our advisors and testers understand how AR App Testing platforms work and how to create the right test strategy. They can help develop out of the box solutions to test hardware, systems, content, platform integration and device compatibility to name a few.
Testing, Automation, and DevOps is the undebated requirement for delivering high performing products fast to beat slow. You need a confident partner that can take care of these undebated requirements while you can focus on the growth aspects. TestOnNeed is here to deliver the testing, automation and DevOps magic to you and take you closer and exceed your goals.
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